Byron McNally
Independent Producer
Byron Mcnally



Directors: Roland Walters & Thomas Keane

Producer & Development Producer: Byron McNally

UK 2022 | Video Game | 4h | Thriller

North Sea. Heavy storms. Two climate activists are pulling off a mysterious heist on an abandoned oil rig. But they hit trouble and call for urgent help. A simple misdial drags YOU into the chaos. Will you answer the call?


NYX Game Awards

Grand Prize: Best Indie Game

Grand Prize: Best Storytelling

Grand Prize: Best Innovation

Grand Prize: Best Audio Design

Gold: Best Performance

Gold: Best Narrative (PC)

Gold: Best Puzzle (PC)

Gold: Best Adventure (PC)

London Games Festival

Official Selection: Narrative Excellence

Indie Game Awards Nomination: Best Innovation

Taipei Game Show

Official Selection: Best Indie Game